Volunteering @ ARIC

Wouldn’t it be great to apply your skills and abilities for a good cause, make a positive impact and experience profound fulfillment? That’s the real power of volunteering. As a volunteer at ARIC, you can drive your energy into various projects ranging from  general facility improvement to facilitating learning experiences.

Doing volunteer work impacts your community in a positive way and provides satisfaction in accomplishment for yourself and others.

Figure out your interests and see how that  aligns with with our opportunities.  We’ve compiled a few volunteer needs to help you choose one that suits and pushes you to find purpose and give back to your community.


Student Mentoring and Facilitation

The Autonomous Robotics Innovation Center needs a wide range of industry professional to mentor and facilitate learning  opportunities such as workshops, robotic clubs, and engineering projects.  As the need for technology driven solutions evolve, our goal at ARIC is to prepare these students for a career in the industry.

No previous teaching experience needed.  Just a interest in sharing your experience and knowledge.  We have everything you would need to help engage and challenge the next generation of engineers and developers.

We currently have opportunities in the following:

General volunteering

Are you good with a hammer? Are you a closet DIYer? We are always looking for volunteers to help with general facilities tasks like building platforms, painting walls, installing and setting up equipment.  Willing to help out  scheduled events?  We have something for everyone.

Special projects

ARIC has several special workgroup projects currently underway.  If you have specific skill sets and interests in train gardens or go karts, let us know.  

  • Autonomous train/robotics garden workgroup
  • Ghost Kart – go kart EV conversion workgroup

get Started

Make a difference

To start making a difference in your community.  Fill out our Volunteer Application today!