Autonomous Robotics Innovation Center




What is Aric?

The Westminster Autonomous Robotics Innovation Center (ARIC) is a training and educational facility in the heart of Westminster, Maryland. This facility features various autonomous and robotics projects and hands on educational opportunities. ARIC will help students develop software, coding, and data analytics skills and experiences that are applicable to a variety of industries, not just robotics engineering. Beyond simply teaching technical skills, STEM education fosters critical thinking, builds teamwork and communications skills, and nurtures students natural curiosity. 


The Westminster ARIC project would not have been possible without the efforts and contributions of our fantastic community partners, sponsors, and volunteers. They have been vital in our fundraising, curriculum and program development, and facility renovation efforts as we build ARIC from the ground up and create a community hub for innovation and education. 



At the heart of ARIC will be a comprehensive autonomous curriculum using Duckietown.

The Duckietown program is an open source, worldwide initiative developed at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to provide state-of-the-art, hands-on, and inclusive AI and robotics education for all students.

The Duckiebot platform was designed to make learning about AI and robotics fun and interactive, lowering the barrier to entry for students of all ages and backgrounds. It also teaches student about coding languages, file systems and frameworks including Python, Docker and Linux.

ARIC will be a one-stop, hands-on, interactive facility that makes autonomous robotics fun and accessible to Westminster residents of all ages. MAGIC, with the help of the Duckietown curriculum and volunteer industry experts, is developing curriculum to introduce students to autonomous robotics concepts beginning in elementary school. 


MAGIC is an official partner of the Carroll County Public School system. The ARIC facility will be open for field trips for K-12 students. It will also be available for weekend clubs, after school activities, and summer workshops for students grades 8-12 and undergraduate students. Our full schedule of activities is forthcoming. Check back for more information and keep an eye on our events page as we work towards opening for full programming in Spring of 2023. 


We’re always looking for volunteers for our clubs and events! If interested, please fill out the volunteer form below: