3D Printer Services

Get Started

Send us your design in STL or OBJ format by completing the Print Request form. Files can be no larger than 100MB. If your design’s file size is larger, please contact us.

All submitted prints must adhere to ARIC 3D Printer Acceptable Use Policy.

3D printing pricing is based on the time to print and the weight of the object in grams. We charge $1.00 per hour of print time plus a cost of $.10 per gram for filament, rounded up to the nearest gram, plus tax. Staff will provide an estimated cost upon file submission and will weigh the final print to determine final cost.

Print requests must use the facility’s stock of printer filament.  We do not allow third party filaments to be used in the printers.

Please specify if you have a color preference in the Special Setting field. Also list a 2nd color to be used in case your first choice is not available.

Printing will be first-come, first-served. Your file will be placed in the queue in the order it was received. Printing time varies based on the size of the object. We do retain the right to reorder the queue based on printing times. Staff will print your file and notify you when it is ready to be picked up and paid for.  Prints will be ready for pickup within 5 business days. If the item is not picked up within two weeks, the object will become the property of ARIC.

ARIC staff can direct customers to online resources, however, staff will not modify or change designs once submitted. If you decide that you want to increase/decrease the size of your model, you will need to re-work the object in the software used to create the object.